Kenya’s Solar PV regulations provide for 3 levels of licensing for Solar PV technicians:

  • Class T1 license – solar PV system installation work for small systems or single battery DC system of up to 100Wp.
  • Class T2 license – solar PV system installation work for medium systems or multiple batteries which may include an inverter up to 300Wp.
  • Class T3 license – solar PV system installation work for advanced systems, including grid connected and hybrid systems

WISEe collaborates with accredited training institutions to deliver technical training to eligible candidates, to increase local female technical capacity to design, install and maintain solar PV energy systems.  These trainings aim to create a pool of qualified female technicians providing quality and professional solar PV products and services. Classroom training is reinforced by hands-on training sessions, mentoring and site visits in order to ensure that trainees receive good all-round knowledge and experience.

Once trained, trainees are able to gain field experience during site installations under the watchful eyes of experienced WISEe installers. This prepares trainees for the written and oral exams that make them eligible for the solar technician license issued by Kenya’s Energy and Petroleum Regulatory Authority EPRA

Below are some remarks from some WISEe trainees:

The trainers have excellent know-how. I particularly like that they share their real site experiences’- Ndanu Mwatu

‘I feel that I have understood T3 and what is expected of me as I plan on undertaking the licensing exams’! – Sarah Kwach 

‘The training has met my personal expectations. I have learnt many new techniques that I will use when working on my future installations – Daphin Juma