WISEe Installations are carried out in institutions where there is no access to electrical grid or in institutions with very unreliable electricity access (works less than 50% of time). Beneficiary institutions include those that demonstrate good organizational capacity and ability to ensure safety and security of the equipment.

Since 2018, WISEe has installed WSS solar suitcases in 19 institutions in Machakos and Makueni counties of Kenya. These institutions comprise children’s orphanages and rescue centres; special schools for orphans and mentally challenged children; primary schools, secondary schools, a vocational training centre and a local health centre in the 2 counties.

Over 2,000 children, students, teachers, and community members in these institutions now benefit from increased evening study time, safety, night classes, dormitory lighting & power and better lighting in dark classrooms during daytime. Mentoring and end-user training are essential components of every WISEe installation to ensure sustainability.